Everyone makes loving yourself so difficult. They preach, “love yourself, love yourself, love yourself!”…without giving ANY answer at all to how you’re supposed to do that.

Self-love is actually very simple, not always easy, but it is simple. And let’s be honest simple is just freakin sexy.

There are 3 game-changer things I do on a daily basis to practice self-love – and they’re all super simple. If you feel like you don’t have time to incorporate AT LEAST ONE of them into your routine, that’s a lack of self-love in itself.

The first is to write down 3 reasons why you love yourself…because it’s pretty hard to love something if you don’t know why, right? And if this feels challenging and or awkward at all… good! Lean into it. Just trust me, it will be worth it if you actually do it.

The second is to celebrate your wins throughout the day! A win is anything as small as making your bed or a beautiful omlet, to as big as showing up for a friend who’s in pain or landing a new job!

And the third is to protect your energy by being aware of what you are consuming – in your ears, eyes and mouth. You are a byproduct of your environment. The food, content and people you surround yourself with are so important. Never forget YOU ARE A MIRACLE. The fact that you are alive, breathing, and able to watch this video right now is literally a miracle – so treat yourself that way.

Give these three self-love exercises a shot, and watch yourself begin taking consistent brave action with EASE! And let me know how it goes. Share your experience and hashtag #disruptivedare so I can find you, send you some love, and maybe even give you a special shoutout.;)

Here’s a quick recap –
Write down 3 reasons why you love yourself everyday.
Celebrate your WINS everyday (big and small). Writing those down is a big plus.
Be aware of who you’re around and what you’re consuming (content, people, food etc.)
Commit to only consuming empowering, uplifting, energizing things

And always remember, #BeDisruptive and LIVE IN LOVE.


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